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New website for onGameStart 2012 conference is online!

It’s official and it’s already waiting for you to come along and play! The new website for a second edition of the first ever and definitely the best HTML5 games conference in the world is online. What’s so special about it? Well, the whole website is… a game!


The game itself (created with the help from the BlackMoon Design, based on the Impact.js game engine) is a well known rocket, but from the different perspective - you’re an astronaut wandering inside it, meeting the speakers and trying not to get killed by lasers and other nasty stuff. You can read more details about the conference in this blogpost. The main keynote is reserved for Jordan Mechner, creator of Prince of Persia.

The second, 2012 edition will be focused more on the process of learning from what the guys did some years ago with “normal” games instead of showing tech demos. Of course they are important to push the web forward, but there’s so much knowledge we can get from the previous generations of game creators!

The first, 2011 edition was a great success, so there’s no doubt you HAVE TO be at the second one. Remember to reserve some free time on 19-21 September (yes, there will be a workshop day!) to visit Warsaw in Poland. For more info and updates just follow the official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

You can also show everyone that you’ll be attending the conference by checking in on Lanyrd. But wait, there’s more! I’ve got something special for you guys. Can’t say what it is to not spoil the surprise, but if you follow my previous posts you’ll figure it out in no time. You probably know already what’s coming, so stay tuned!