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Front-Face - play to win a ticket for the Front-Trends 2012 conference!

There’s only a couple of days left till the Front-Trends 2012 conference start and the tickets are already sold out. Don’t worry, I’ve got one left just for you - the only requirement to get it is to play Front-Face, another game from the growing collection of my HTML5 games promoting front-end and JavaScript events in Poland. Let’s see what’s this game about and how to win the ticket!

front-face promo

The game

Front-Face is a simple “memory” type HTML5 game, but with the quiz-like questions about the speakers (their name, website, Twitter login and topic of the talk). The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible as fast as you can.

The APIs

Some new shiny HTML5 APIs are used in the game - the Geolocation is used to show you the path from your current location to the event venue. There’s also an Offline API, so you can play the game even when you don’t have the internet connection. If you’re interested in beating your own highscores there’s also the localStorage module, that will save and store your best score. You can see some CSS 3D transforms in action when you click on the cards. The game in open sourced, so you can find all of the files at GitHub and tinker with it if you like (there’s unfinished / bugged 3D version of the game - playable on the cube). As usual, my favourite graphic designer - Efka - did all the visual stuff.

Play Front-Face!

The giveaway

The contest starts 17.04.2012 (tuesday), 13:00 CET and ends five days later, 22.04.2012 (sunday), 13:00 CET. All you have to do to have a chance of winning the ticket for the Front-Trends 2012 conference is:

  1. play the Front-Face game and finish it,
  2. use Twitter (or other social media like Facebook or Google+) to share your score,
  3. leave a comment with the link to your post with the score.

One lucky winner will be picked at random and will recieve one ticket for the conference, the results will be published in this blog post. Good luck and have fun with the game!

Update: Winner announced!

Here’s the name of the lucky winner who will get a free ticket for the Front-Trends conference:

  • Fran

Congratulations! Check your inbox for the details!