13 simple steps to create a compo

The video of my talk from the onGameStart 2012 conference about the js13kGames competition is already online, so you can watch it if you like. I'm still a newbie when it comes to public speaking, but I'm trying as much as I can, so please be forgiving. Now, go check it out!

Enclave Games

First look at the new upcoming HTML5 game Wizard Quest

During the onGameStart 2012 conference in Warsaw this September I've met Robert Podgórski, the boss of the BlackMoon Design studio specialized in the pixel art. They are awesome and we figured out that we can try and make a simple HTML5 game to see if the collaboration will be successful. That is how the Wizard Quest HTML5 game idea was born.


Lessons learned from the js13kGames competition

The js13kGames competition ended, winners have been announced, so it's high time to wrap it up and summarize all the things. It was a lot of work, way more than I anticipated, but at the end I think it succeeded and I'm quite happy about the results.


onGameStart 2012 - the aftermath

The second edition of the first ever fully HTML5 games conference - onGameStart - has just ended. It was a great experience and I'm happy I was part of it. Thanks to Michał I had the chance to speak about the js13kGames competition which ended just a few days ago.


An interview - .net Magazine about js13kGames

Yeah, this one will be dedicated to my ego. I'm happy to say that I've been interviewed the first time ever (if you don't count the video interview at Front-Trends 2012, which didn't make it to the final cut because I was so nervous that I said some total crap). The quick question and answer interview with Craig Grannell about the js13kGames competition was made through e-mail and almost immediately posted on .net Magazine's website.


Update of onGameStart 2012, my speaking confirmed

There's only three weeks left to the onGameStart 2012 conference and some info about the venue, agenda and a party was released. My speaking at the conference was also confirmed - I'll give a talk about the js13kGames competition.


js13kGames - behind the compo

Now when the competition started let's sit and look back at what just happened and why I didn't mention about it earlier.


onSpaceStart game recreated in pure CSS and no JavaScript

This month's Mozilla Dev Derby are all about 'no JavaScript', so the pure CSS game was my obvious choice. I thought it will be cool to take my existing game and recreate it, so I picked onSpaceStart (which was promoting onGameStart HTML5 conference in 2011) and created simple CSS version of it.


Tickets, tickets everywhere

Here's the news for you, quick and dirty: the sale has just begun and all of you awesome HTML5 game developers can buy yourself a ticket for the first and the best HTML5 game dev conference in the world: onGameStart 2012!


LXJS - node.js conference in Portugal

LXJS is a two-day conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The event will take place on the 28th and 29th of September and will feature some of the best and brightest JavaScript minds, both from front-end and server-side, including mobile development.