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Gamedev and A-Frame at the Warsaw IT Days

I’m getting used to giving two talks at a single conference - it was the case with my recent WebVR and Wizard Quest talks during Warszawskie Dni Informatyki (Warsaw IT Days).

It was a student-focused event with job fairs happening in the background and was held in the buildings of Warsaw University of Technology on March 28th and 29th. I was giving talks here earlier (about HTML5 Game Development in general in 2015 and for Firefox OS in 2014), and knew what to expect.


On the first day in the evening I was talking about building web apps and games for WebVR with the A-Frame framework. I was able to give away a few of the cardboards, so people were able to try the Sechelt demo on their own devices during the presentation. There was many questions after the talk, and we had a good conversation with some of the students even later on. You could feel they are really interested in trying out this technology, which was very cool to see.


On the second day in the morning I had my talk about Wizard Quest: the story of struggling with complex projects and how to finish your first HTML5 game (in less than 4 years). Again, the feedback from the audience was very positive, and we had a few good conversations happening after the talk.


Overall the experience was positive, as usual. It’s great to see students genuinely interested in what you want to say, and asking lots of questions to know as much as possible on the given topic. Both rooms during my talks were mostly full, which was also nice.